Butcher, baker, candlestick maker…. Well at least I can lay claim to the first but, so far, I haven’t extended myself to the others. I’m Rob and I’m the many hats guy behind Kernel Cobs. From working for two years behind the scenes in my day job, life conspired to allow me to follow this new, exciting path and make it become a reality.

Originally conceived on a train back to the New Forest, where we are based, from an exhibition in London, the idea has grown into a real and very delicious product, with plans to expand the range in the near future.

Kernel Cobs is a healthier snack alternative of roasted corn which is then given a delicious seasoning in a variety of flavours. Currently we are offering Ranch Smoked Barbecue and Firecracker Chilli, however should the Great British Public cry out for more, we will do our best to satisfy your demands!

We are keen to work with local retailers, bars, restaurants and food outlets who think that Kernel Cobs is right for them, so please get in touch to discuss opportunities to stock our great new products.

We have already received some very generous support from local retailers and bars who are currently stocking Kernel Cobs. Further information can be found on the Stockists page on our website and on our Facebook page. Keep in touch and we will keep you updated on new places to find The Kernel. Oh and don’t forget to grab some when you see them!

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